A Chorus Line

Logan-Rae is brilliant as Sheila, the aging dancer who tells of her unhappy childhood and has a sassy comeback for Zach's every request. 

-Andrew J. Friedenthal



Logan-Rae as Sally Bowles is determined and direct, without a hint of cuddle or giggle. Her rendition of the "Cabaret" ballad at the close, all the way downstage, carries regret and a sense of fatality, very much in keeping with Eibler's numb "I Don't Care" just minutes before in the act.

-Michael Meigs



Logan-Rae as Sally Bowles is less of a good-time girl, as most actresses portray Sally, and more of a knowing participant in her own degradation, a terrifying take on the character that is perfectly in tune with the rest of this production.

By Andrew J. Friedenthal